Overview of the new Apple Mac Pro

Have you seen the new Mac Pro? It could arguably be the most innovative design to come out of Apple in some time – and considering what it’s packed with, it’s more than just a pretty face. When a small group of Mac users were originally showed a photo of it and asked to guess what it was, answers ranged from “beautiful vase” to “fancy trashcan.” Well, trashcan it’s not.

Apple is already promoting it as the future of computing and the center of their desktop line, and with good reason. The 9.9-inch cylindrical design is remarkable, and the polished black finish makes it truly stunning. The smooth, compact package is even more incredible when you discover just what it contains.


The new Mac Pro is loaded with components, featuring gigabit Ethernet support, HDMI and multiple USB 3.0 ports. It also boasts six Thunderbolt II ports, which provide a 20G bps transfer speed 25 times faster than Firewire 800.

Furthermore, it supports daisy-chaining devices, making it perfectly capable of handling up to 36 peripherals, including multiple displays, hard drives and anything else consumers may need. Connecting all those devices will also be made easier by the lights now present on the back of the tower.

Processing Power

It’s no wonder that the innovative new Mac Pro has a CPU built to handle everything it’s capable of. The standard model is already two times faster than the current Pro, and it can be configured with up to 12 cores. This is no desktop for the average computer user; regardless of what you need it to do, this tiny workhorse will be able to keep up.

Wireless Capability

With the latest technology in every other area packed into the compact cylinder, the Mac Pro also features the latest in wireless capability. It comes standard with both 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0.


Speaking of displays, the high end graphics card that comes standard on the new Pro makes it able to handle three 4K monitors at once; perfect for super-users for whom more than one monitor is essential.

The cutting-edge technology used in the Mac Pro makes it ideal for video editors, too, with standard dual GPUs and an immense 7 teraflops of computing power.


While the latest desktop in the Apple line does have it’s critics, one small downside initially came to mind, and it’s more aesthetic than anything. While the new Pro’s technology is so cutting-edge and its design so beautiful, it doesn’t come equipped with a standard hard drive. Of course that’s the future of computing, yet users are still likely to connect large-scale external drives to it. The computer can certainly handle it, but the need to plug so many peripherals and drives into it sullies its beauty. A minor concern considering it is the ultimate in Mac computing, and not a vase, as guessed.


While no specific release date has been published as of yet, Apple are already promoting the new Mac Pro on their website, hinting that it will be released later this year.

No price has been confirmed yet, either, although experts suspect it will be a minimum of $2500.00 USD. While the price tag may seem hefty, even for those of used to parting with a bit more money to have the latest Apple technology, it’s worthwhile to keep in mind that the Mac Pro truly is “professional grade.” Those who require its capabilities in order to do their jobs will likely consider it a worthwhile investment.