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How to rename your Magic Mouse in OS X

This question gets asked a lot: How do I rename my bluetooth Magic Mouse (and other bluetooth devices) in Mac OS X? It’s actually quite simple, just not immediately apparent. When you first set up your bluetooth device it will typically use your name as the identifier, for example: John Doe’s Magic Mouse. Some people for privacy reasons need to change this, others want to change the name just for fun.

Renaming your Bluetooth Devices

  1. Go to System Preferences, then Mouse
  2. In the lower right, click Set Up Bluetooth Mouse
  3. A list of your connected devices appears, right click the name of the device you’d like to change
  4. Click Rename and enter a new name of your choice, then click Rename again to finalize

Note: There are two other ways to get to these settings:

– Click on the Bluetooth Icon in the Menu Bar, then Open Bluetooth Preferences
– Click on System Preferences, then Bluetooth

The worst designed Apple products of all time

When you think of Apple, what comes to mind? Innovative computers and electronics with slick, modern and even beautiful designs. The company has become known for products like the streamlined iMac, thin and simple MacAir or even the cute iPod Shuffle.

But those who have known Apple products since before the invention of the iPod can recall some moments in Mac history when the company has come out with less-than-amazing products. Some were clunky, some were shaped awkwardly and others just didn’t work quite that well. Overall, Apple has produced more revolutionary and fantastic items than terrible ones, but a few mistakes come to mind.

That being said, what is the contender for the worst designed Apple product of all time? Could it be the clunky Macintosh IIvi or IIvx computers? How about the attempt at a cheap Mac, the Power Macintosh 4400? Or the ridiculously expensive and underpowered 20th Anniversary Mac?

In a quest to recall the low points in Apple’s history, three products came to mind for us as the worst designed of all time. They are as follows:

Macintosh TV

No, not Apple TV. Macintosh TV was released in 1993. It essentially looked like other Apple computers of the day, except it was a black, all-in-one device with a 14-inch CRT monitor. The Macintosh TV came equipped with a cable-ready TV tuner card and was a great idea, but unfortunately you couldn’t actually display television on it. Apple made 10,000 of them and then dropped it.

Macintosh TV


Released in 1996 in partnership with Bandai, the gaming console was actually quite visually attractive. However, the device, made for playing CD-ROM games, was underpowered and overpriced. It certainly didn’t compare to the Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn of Sony PlayStation in the same era. Apple and Bandai made 42,000 Pippins before it, too, was dropped.

Apple Pippin – From the All About Apple Museum

Apple USB Mouse

Shipped with the original iMac in 1998, it was shaped like a hockey puck. While the design was meant to be innovative, in actuality it was just awkward. The perfectly round mouse was hard to grip and even more difficult to orient and operate. In fact, the only thing it was really good for was increasing the sales of third-party mouse manufacturers. Apple persisted with the awkward mouse for two years before changing it.

Apple Round Mouse
Apple Mouse (1998)

Out of everything mentioned, the Apple USB Mouse gets our vote as the worst designed Mac product of all time. It was truly an item to which the adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” could apply. Furthermore, even though there were a few other products that had more wrong technologically, the mouse seems worse because it’s so simple. It’s perplexing how Apple could make such a blunder with such a basic item, and furthermore how they could stick with it for so long before admitting defeat. However, it could certainly be considered a learning experience for the company. They kept on with mouse innovation and today can boast providing customers the beautiful, functional and revolutionary Magic Mouse.

Overall, Apple has offered the world more beautiful and useful technology than duds. However, a look back in their history is humorous and shows they weren’t always on the mark.