How to disable Magic Mouse scrolling

With its wireless and multi-touch capabilities, the Apple Magic Mouse is quite magical indeed. That is until you dive deep into multi-page PDFs, large spreadsheets and other documents that require extra fine mouse control. The Magic Mouse can be sensitive and easily cause you to lose your place with the slightest movement. This can only lead to anger, frustration and lost time. Lets disable Magic Mouse scrolling once and for all.

1. Go to your System Preferences and select Accessibility.


2. Now under Accessibility, scroll down the left menu and select Mouse & Trackpad. Then in the lower right select Mouse Options.


3. You have a few options now to fine tune your scrolling. To completely disable scrolling, uncheck the scrolling checkbox. You can also leave it checked and modify your scrolling by either adjusting the scroll speed from slow to fast or changing the drop down menu from with inertia to without inertia. To finalize your changes click done.


Now you know how to disable Magic Mouse scrolling completely. However some people may want to disable only the horizontal scrolling and leave the vertical scrolling on. To do this you will have to use the Terminal. The Terminal application is located in your Applications/Utilities folder. Although not difficult to complete we would recommend for advanced users only.

To disable horizontal scrolling paste the following command in Terminal, and hit Return:

defaults write MouseHorizontalScroll -bool NO

To re-enable horizontal scrolling paste the following command in Terminal, and hit Return:

defaults write MouseHorizontalScroll -bool YES

For these Terminal commands to take effect you will have to do one of two things. On the bottom of the Magic Mouse turn the power button to off, then back on to reconnect via bluetooth. Your second option would be to restart the computer. After that your changes should take effect.

  • Leovinius

    Does not work on OSX 10.9.4

  • Huggs

    Does not work with 10.9.2 either. (The disabling of horizontal scrolling using the terminal command, that is.

  • edgykenny

    I have had a bad time with this mouse till now it has been unusable in the old configuration so thank you! I hold and use my mouse diff from the average user as I’m disabled. I have a track pad for the buttons and scrolling so now it is useful. you rock!

    • Always nice to hear that our tips are useful. Glad to see it fixed your problem, enjoy!

  • IndependentLibertarian

    doesn’t work

  • Alwin


  • Theo Néve

    The terminal command does not work in 10.9.5 here either…

  • Bxsk

    Doesn’t work with Yosemite. Tested on 10.10.3

  • TianZhen

    doesn’t work with 10.11.3 and magic mouse 2

  • doesn’t work with 10.12