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Best Smartwatches for iPhone (Apple Watch Alternatives)

Lets take a look at some of the best smartwatches for iPhone. If you’re an iPhone owner then you probably have considered getting an Apple watch or another type of iPhone watch.

As far as getting a smartwatch for iPhone, you have many options other than the Apple Watch. There are many iOS-compatible smartwatches for iPhone on the market and you don’t have to be limited to what Apple provides.

Lucky for you, smart watches for iPhone are aplenty and even Android Wear is now compatible with iOS. Really, what you need is a solid bluetooth watch for iPhone and in that case, you have some options.

We’ve rounded up the best alternatives for smartwatches for iPhone and put them together for you in case the Apple version is just too pricey or you want something a little different.

Best Smartwatches for iPhone:

garmin vivoactive smartwatch

Garmin Vivoactive HR

Another one of the smart watches for iPhone that should be kept in mind comes from Garmin The Vivoactive HR might be the best of the smartwatches for iPhone that are in the sports watch category.

With modes for running, walking, cycling and more; you’re sure to impress with this watch from Garmin. This alternative iPhone watch also boasts an impressive battery life. Definitely consider a Garmin as your smartwatch alternative.

$199 | Amazon

mondaine helvetica smartwatch

Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smartwatch

For the style obsessed, the Mondaine is a beautiful option. While on the pricey side of the iPhone watch alternatives, it is definitely is both gorgeous and efficient.

With a second dial for fitness tracking, you’ll be sure to impress with this Swiss watch. However, there are no notifications so if you’d like to see who is tweeting you then you’re out of luck with this smart watch for iPhone.

$162-$1304 | Amazon

Huawei Smartwatch

Huawei Watch

With its 10,000:1 contrast display, the Huawei watch is definitely a looker and a competitor for the best iPhone watch competitor.

This smartwatch for iPhone boasts several metal link straps to choose from as well. The only downside is that it is missing GPS, however, it still remains a solid smartwatch alternative for iOS users.

$299 | Amazon

Fitbit Blaze Smartwatch

Fitbit Blaze

If you were looking to get fit with your iPhone watch then the Fitbit Blaze is a good alternative.

The daily tracking with resting heart rate includes makes this one of the best smartwatches for iPhone users that are looking keep tabs on their fitness. In fact, it beat Apple watch in nearly all fitness categories.

$199 | Amazon

Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch

Pebble Time Steel

The Pebble Time Steel (PTS) is the premium version of the regular Pebble Time, and it’s $50 cheaper than the cheapest Apple Watch.

This makes the PTS an excellent iPhone watch alternative for those looking for long battery life. With its e-paper screen, you can go for 10 days with this bad-boy on a single charge.

$149 | Amazon

Tagheuer Connected Smartwatch

Tag Heuer Connected

The Tag Heuer Connected is the most expensive Android Wear watch out there. If you want a luxurious smartwatch for iPhone then this is it.

It looks like a normal Tag and offers custom watch faces. Once Google ups its software game, it’ll be game over for the other smartwatches. No one else can compare with the style.

$2300 | Amazon

Vetor Luna Smartwatch

Vector Luna

The Vector Luna doesn’t come with a touchscreen and will take a bit of getting used to. However, you may just learn to love it if you can get over the initial learning period.

The battery life is insane and will last up to a month on a single charge. If battery life is big for you then you need this iPhone watch alternative.

$199 | Amazon

Casio Outdoor Smartwatch

Casio Smart Outdoor Watch

Like adventure? Then this Casio Outdoor Smartwatch might be a good choice for your iPhone watch. The Outdoor Watch has apps for hiking, fishing, biking and more.

You can also add apps while still having a rugged and adventure friendly iPhone watch. Also, if battery life is important to you then this watch will extend battery life to a month.

It might be a bit on the pricey side but with the features, we doubt you’ll mind.

$500 | Amazon

LG Urbane Smartwatch

LG Watch Urbane

The Urbane by LG is like a dress watch for the Android Wear crew. It’s eye-catching yet simple in its design.

With it’s full round shape but smaller size, it definitely catches your eye. If you’re looking for one of the simple smart watches for iPhone then this is it.

$169 | Amazon

Moto 360 Sport Smartwatch

Moto 360 Sport

This sporty smart watch is making waves with its built in GPS and a superior tracker to the Apple Watch.

Luckily this Google based smartwatch works with iPhone as well. However, if you like to bike then you might be let-down with the running only tracking options.

$179 | Amazon


So what is the best smartwatch for iPhone? That really depends on your lifestyle and actives most important to you. We hope that this list of the 10 best smart watches for iPhone helped you pick an Apple Watch alternative. Leave a comment and let us know what smartwatches for iOS are your favorite.

The wait is over: Facebook Messenger for Apple Watch arrives

Facebook Messenger has, as expected, arrived for the Apple Watch. The integration of Facebook Messenger for Apple Watch has been a much anticipated feature, which now allows conversations, your contacts and more to be shown directly on your Apple Watch. You can send voice clips, emoji’s, stickers and likes as well as allow you to subscribe to groups and pages through this native WatchOS 2 application.

This new Facebook Messenger is extremely responsive and makes interactions quick and near-effortless. It is frills-free and is exactly what is needed by a platform requiring extreme ease of use and problem-free interaction.

Facebook Messenger with Multitasking

The multitasking features of Apple’s iPad are featured, as reported the The Verge, and Spotlight delivers results quickly. You can message and interact with friends and family whilst carrying out something else online at the same time. The convenience of being able to watch a movie, browse the web or social network amidst every moment of everyday life is likely to become a pain for friends and family, unless they own an Apple watch themselves of course!

No ads are displayed within Facebook’s messenger, they have opted not to directly monetize the WatchOS application. The influx of regular Facebook users is likely to affect their revenue through conventional means of accessing the network nonetheless.


WatchOS 2 Brings New Apple Watch Apps

With the release of WatchOS 2 came a flood of new apps for your Apple Watch. Facebook Messenger for Apple Watch was announced at Apple’s “Hey, Siri” launch event. Flagship applications for the Apple Watch included iTranslate, a GoPro app, and a health care application named Airstrip.

A new range of sports watches were also unveiled, with the highlight being the new gold and rose-gold coloured Apple Watch Sport. Given the amount of distractions now conveniently placed upon your wrist, it is likely that most Apple Watch owners will never know what the time actually is. After all, time flies when you are having fun.

Apple Pay and the Apple Watch: Initial Feedback

Apple Pay is the mobile payment option by Apple. It is available on Apple Watch, iPad Mini 3, iPad Air 2, and iPhone 5 & 6 models. To use Apple Pay, your Apple device has to have the NFC radio antennae or the Touch IS sensor and the correct iOS. It has tie-ups with American Express (ExpressPay), MasterCard (PayPass), and Visa (PayWave). The Apple Pay on the Apple Watch is automatically disabled when you buy it and will have to be activated using a special code. Sensors on the watch ensure that Apple Pay can only be used by the watch’s owner so anyone who wears the watch other than the owner activates the disable feature.

Paying with an iPhone 6

The Apple Pay was revealed last September 2014 by CEO Tim Cook and was launched the following month when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was released. According to Apple, a security code is generated for every transaction and Apple has no intention of tracking transactions. A small transaction fee is charged to the owner which is fractionally lower than normal bank charges for online payments. If the Apple device is lost, Apple Pay can be disabled remotely using the Find My iPhone service.

Last year, there were over 220,000 places in the US where the Apple Pay was accepted. Apple Pay can only be used in US stores although the company plans to expand the service eventually to other countries.

As of April this year, the feedback on Apple Pay has encouraging with 66% of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners signing up for the security code. Of the 66%, 2/3 has tried Apple Pay. Compared to other mobile wallets, Apple Pay has done significantly better on its virgin run. The biggest issue thus far with Apple Pay is the cashiers’ unfamiliarity with the payment scheme which leads to payment delays, double postings, or incorrect postings. Obviously these are just birthing blues similar to what happened with LoopPay and other mobile payment methods.

Also this April, Apple added more banks and credit unions to Apple Pay which means there are now 180 financial institutions that support Apple Pay across the country. To make 2015, the year of Apple Pay according to Tim Cooks, more interesting a new mobile payment system is set to be launched by the middle of the year. It’s called CurrentC by Merchant Content Exchange. They plan to be a very aggressive competitor to Apple Pay and uses bar codes to complete the transaction. This could very well make 2015 the year mobile payments take over.

Apple Watch knockoffs already being sold in China

Stopping the Chinese from making cheap knock offs continues to plague big name companies including Apple. The Apple Watch will be released on April 24 in 9 countries but Chinese manufacturers have already got their versions that look surprisingly authentic. To the untrained eye, only the $40 price would hint at something amiss because original Apple watch has a suggested retail price range of $349 all the way up to $10,000 for the 18 karat model and a whopping $17,000 for the Apple Watch Edition. Of course, with the fake Apple watches, there are no apps, software, and iOS, just a strange-looking Android.








As for the genuine Apple Watch  – the geeks are going crazy. Can Apple really be serious about selling this watch as a status symbol for smart watches because of its iOS and apps? The price of the 18 karat model would be equivalent to that of a 4 year travel holiday, classic 1960 Jaguar, or deposit on a house.

Thus far, what has been released about the details of this product are:

  • Will only work with iOS 8.2 or later, and will need the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, or iPhone 6 Plus
  • You can customize the watch, get notification from your iPhone, download and organize the apps using your iPhone. You can also send pre-set messages, animated emoji, or voice messages from the watch
  • Battery life is 18 hours, less if you use apps frequently

The watch can also get heart rate, pulse, send GPS location, count calories, help you get fit, track your movements and activities, be used to pay for online purchases, use Siri, and display your mood for all to see.

What the Critics are Saying

Naturally, the world would be a quieter place without critics and they do have a mouthful to say about the Apple Watch.  Needless to say, the majority are reserving judgment yet still contributing their point of view.

First of all, it won’t function as anything more than a timepiece without the iPhone. You don’t get cellular activity or GPS which means you still have to carry around 2 gadgets instead of one since the Apple Watch does not replace the iPhone, rather comes as an attachment.

Second, there is a lot going on with the display. Instead of just swiping to get data, you will have to turn the crown, tap and swipe making it more complicated to use.

On the other hand, the piece is beautiful even if it looks a bit bulky and is still just the start of what Apple can do with a watch. No doubt, the lines will be long and stretched out on April 24 – and the watches will sell out quickly simply because it is Apple and First Edition. Pre-orders start on April 10.

According to Apple: The Apple Watch is water resistant, not waterproof

New details about Apple’s latest products keep emerging every day, for example the Apple Watch’s ability to withstand water.

Apple revealed the bad news to journalists at the Hands–on Pavilion after the main event: the Apple Watch is considered “water resistant,” not waterproof.

Activities like jogging in the rain, washing your hands, or cooking while wearing it are all fine. But users should not swim with the watch, shower with the watch or wear it in any activity involving significant amounts of water.

This is a major blow for users who were hoping to have a wearable smart device to use during water sports. Apple fans are already hoping future designs may actually be waterproof.


On the bright side, Apple also demonstrated that users can directly load apps onto the Apple Watch from an iPhone. The Apps can be rearranged on the home screen by dragging and dropping, like iOS can do. There is also a new “Ping My Phone” button on the watch that helps you locate your phone by following the beeping sound to where you last left it.

In addition, a fashionable gold version of the Apple Watch will come in a “gorgeous jewelry box” which doubles as a battery charger, according to Apple. The back of the box will have a Lightning connector, while the inside contains the watch’s charger pad, allowing the Apple Watch to be charged overnight.

More details about the Watch remain unrevealed, such as additional pricing beyond the base U.S. $349 model. Apple is also undecided on offering customers the ability to mix & match bands as some fans had hoped for.