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What is the best Apple iPad or Tablet for kids

What is the best iPad or Tablet for kids?

Apple iPads and other tablets are a great learning as well as entertainment tool for kids. A good iPad or tablet for kids should have a safe browser, kid friendly apps, and long battery life. It should be sturdy enough to weather some rough handling. Some good tablets are offered by, Amazon, Leapfrogs and Apple.

Leapfrogs tablets are age specific. Amazon tablets though are not categorized by age, have some good safety and security features. Apple has not made any kid specific tablets but its mini iPad would suffice the requirements of children for a tablet.  Apple’s iPad has the added advantage of having some very good apps for kids. Here are some tablets that would not only be great value for money but would also prove excellent educational device for kids.

1. Apple iPad mini

iPad mini is the most expensive in the list here, but we think it’s worth the extra cost. Since apple products are known for their durability, this tablet should last a long time. The iPad mini has good camera and a high resolution screen. Known as a high performing tablet. The parental controls are not as detailed as on Amazon tablet. They restrict a kid’s internet usage, apps download and online purchases. This tablet will suit kids of all ages. Some great children’s apps can be downloaded from apple store.
iPad Mini

2. Amazon Fire Kids Edition

Two top most features of this tab are its cost and parental controls. The parental controls not only include what content the kids can browse but also the usage limits. There are educational targets and restricted internet access. The tab comes with 2year guarantee. It has a 7inch display suitable enough for your kid’s small hands. It has 16GB of internal storage and 256 GB of expandable storage. It comes in various colors in a kid proof case. Though the apps in the tablet are limited than those found on regular android devices, the kids can avail a year’s subscription to thousands of apps from nickelodeon, Disney, PBS kids.
Amazon Fire Kids Edition

3. Leapfrog Epic Tablet

It is the first android tablet from leapfrog. It has a range of apps from Leapfrog as well as popular android apps for kids. It has unique customization home screen feature that allows kids to customize their home screen the way they want. This tablet is designed for kids in the age range of 3 and 9 years. It also boasts of an auto-leveling feature in games that adjusts the level of the game as per the kid’s age. It has safe web browser and kids appropriate apps. The parental controls are satisfactory. It is a good buy for younger kids.
Leapfrog Epic

4. Vtech Innotab Max

This 7 inch tablet is again for kids in the age range 3-9 years. The tablet is based on android but has kid friendly interface. Though it comes with a stylus, it has touch screen feature too. It has 8 GB of space, with 32 GB expandable memory. It has its own messaging tool that helps to connect kids to parent’s mobiles through apps. The tablet has its own apps plus kids can download many android apps too. It is a good choice for a kid’s first tablet.
Vtech Innotab Max

For parents on a budget, Amazon’s tablet is the most cost effective tablet for kids of all ages.

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iPad and the war for chain restaurants

Over the past few years chain restaurants and airport eateries were experimenting with using a touchable tablet to replace the traditional ordering service. Using a tablet could allow a restaurant to staff fewer members to wait the restaurant, it was a popular idea. Recently, however, the clear favorite among chain restaurants was crowned, and it wasn’t Apple’s iPad, or any other off the shelf model. Instead chains are opting for restaurant specific devices like the Ziosk or E La Carte.

Last year Chili’s announced the purchase of 45,000 Ziosk units for its 800 stores. This was the biggest such purchase so far in the restaurant industry. With vendors across the world ditching cash machines for devices like Square, it is no surprise that the restaurant industry is doing the same with tablets. Chains like Applebee’s, Pizzeria Uno, and many more, have followed suit.

So why do restaurants prefer other tablets to the mainstream brands? The answer is multifaceted but fairly plain. iPads cost more, are more fragile, tend to get stolen, and a perhaps irrational fear that mainstream brands could cause diehard fans of one particular tech company, like Google or Apple, to dislike their restaurant if it featured their “rival’s” tablet.

Ziosk interface

Some writers and ex-waiters believe passionately that this is not only a bad thing for wait staff everywhere, but that it can also harm the business. Waiters, if on their A-game, are capable to extracting more cash from semi-willing customers than a faceless, voiceless, ideas-about-the-specials-less, tablet. Everyone who has ever dined out knows this. How many times have you ordered something on the advice/social pressure after receiving that advice in a restaurant? Probably ad-nauseam. This is a valid concern, and the restaurant chains will undoubtedly be watching.

Despite the concerns, this is probably inevitable, and maybe a good thing. There will be fewer wrong orders, and games on a durable pad to distract the kids. But still, it’ll be a tough sell to a public to which food service and waiting tables is often a key foothold on financial stability and even identity.

But where does this leave Apple? Unless they bring out a line of restaurant specific tablets, it appears they’re out of the chain restaurant world. Small businesses still use iPads to be sure. But a few main factors limited the iPad with the food service market. Applebee’s told Bloomberg Businessweek that a lack of removable battery made the iPad unworkable for their stores. For other stores the limiting factor is price, the iPad is simply too expensive. Still for other restaurants, notably ones with a reputation for being kid-friendly, say iPads just aren’t durable enough.

Perhaps the strangest complaint from customers is that they fear iPads spying on them in restaurants. Apparently a number of customers at a Chili’s in Sacramento were concerned that the cameras on the front of their tablets were allowing the wait staff to spy on them. This bizarre concern was responded to by Chili’s, who denied the cameras are used to spy on customers. Applebee’s made a statement saying that cameras can be used by guests to take selfies, and are never used by the restaurant.

Regardless, it seems that tablets are here to stay in chain stores. Perhaps Apple will reenter the foray down the road with a durable restaurant-ready tablet, or perhaps they’re content selling far more than the 45,000 units Ziosk sold last year to Chili’s, to the world at large.

iPad Air 2 may feature 2GB of RAM

According to a report out of Taiwan, the next generation iPad, commonly referred to as the iPad Air 2 (most probably will be known by Apple name as simply the iPad Air), will feature 2GB of RAM. That is double the amount of RAM found in the current generation iPad Air. The current generation iPad mini with Retina Display also features 1GB of RAM.


According to the rumor, the second generation iPad Mini with Retina Display will still be stuck at 1GB of RAM.

Memory Does Not Matter to Apple

As many Apple enthusiasts know, Apple rarely plays the specs game. Instead they focus on keeping the cost of the device low so that they can keep their profit margins high. 

That means that instead of getting away with shoddy software design, Apple has to constantly reconfigure and optimize their operating systems for the amount of RAM that they are putting in the device. This is why it is often said that Apple’s devices run better despite their failure to compete on specs. 

RAM is a big deal however, even for Apple. Apple has, since the iPad’s launch in 2010, placed a lot of capital in the device as being a great gaming machine. Indeed it clearly beats Android when it comes to depth, quality, and quantity of game titles. By increasing the RAM in the next generation iPad Air, Apple will allow developers to do much more when it comes to graphics and processing. That means better and bigger games. 

In iOS 8, Apple has created a newly designed software stack called Metal, which will eliminate the processing time between request and execution. In layman’s terms, it allows the game to get closer to the CPU and GPU, which means games will operate faster. By adding extra RAM to the iPad Air 2, Apple gives developers even more power to play with. 

As is always the case, Apple has to take certain things into account before they can increase specs like RAM. For example, more RAM means a bigger impact on both battery life and heat output.

Another reason why more RAM makes sense for Apple, is that rumors point towards a new multitasking function that will allow users to run apps side by side. Additional RAM will make that process smoother and more enjoyable for users.

iPad Air 2 Rumors

As Apple get’s closer to the anticipated release of their next generation iPads, several rumors have leaked out. Including the inclusion of Touch ID, a slight redesign, and a anti-glare screen. It is rumored that Apple will announce the new iPad Air 2 in October (based on previous year’s iPad launches).

The latest and greatest must have iPad accessories

Whether you spoiling someone with a new iPad for the holidays or you just can’t resist doing a little shopping for yourself, there is a wide range of must have iPad accessories on the market right now. Both incredibly practical and fun to use, these items are great additions for any iPad owner.


Twelve South’s “BookBook Travel Journal” – $100

This new take on the previous, and popular, Book Book cases isn’t necessarily for those who prefer their gadgets and accessories be sleek and streamlined. It is, however, very useful and well made. Designed to look like a big, old book it disguises its true contents ingeniously. Zip it open and you’ll find secure storage for your iPad and any related “bits and bobs” such as headphones, chargers and camera kits. The Book Book Travel Journal is ideal to take on an airplane, as it sits nicely and opens easily on the folding tray table. Have everything you need easily accessible, without worrying about smaller items falling on the floor and rolling into the aisles.



Logitech’s new Ultrathin cases for the iPad Air – $50 to $150

Logitech offers four different new cases designed specifically for the iPad Air, but they all have one thing in common. They’re fantastic. Three of them include keyboards, while one does not. The FabricSkin Keyboard Folio is the priciest investment, at $150. It is incredibly thin, water-repellent and features a built-in fabric keyboard. The Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, at $100, is also sleek. It’s comprised of an aluminum screen cover and built-in Bluetooth keyboard. The Ultrathin Keyboard Folio, also $100, is similar. However, it features a full folio case. And for just $50, the Folio Protective Case offers the same stylish protection for the iPad Air, sans-keyboard. Each of the keyboard-equipped cases charges via micro USB and is available to order in a variety of colours.



Adonit Jot Pro Fine Point Stylus for iPad – $75

If you’re similar to many iPad owners, you’d quite like to write on your tablet with a stylus but just haven’t found one that can truly duplicate the ease and comfort of traditional pen and paper. Wait no longer. This comfortable, streamlined stylus features a 1.9 mm tip. Writing with it mimics using a top-quality pen in the way no other stylus has been able to. The Adonit Jot Pro Fine Point Stylus is powered by AAA batteries and syncs with your tablet via Bluetooth 4.0.



Apple’s Camera Connection Kit – $30

While it’s not new to the market, it’s still as useful and popular as it was when it first came out. This handy kit comes with 2 dongles that connect to the dock connector port on your iPad. One allows you to upload photos via USB and the other by SD Card Reader. An ingenious idea for anyone who takes a lot of photos on holiday yet doesn’t want to store them all in their camera or pack along cables and a laptop for uploading.



Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker – $199

Don’t mistake “small” for “weak.” This little speaker certainly proves otherwise! At a mere 2.3 x 7.1 x 2 inches, it’s incredibly portable, yet delivers the rich, high-quality audio that Bose is famous for. It also packs up to seven hours of battery life, making it perfect for moving around the house or popping in your bad for impromptu dance parties wherever you may be.



iPad Mini Retina Smart Case – $79 and Cover $39

The greatest feature of the iPad Mini has to be its size. Large enough to read and type on with ease, yet small enough to fit in a handbag, it’s both extremely useful and popular. And because it is, by nature, so sleek, it would be a shame to add unnecessary bulk in the form of a chunky case. The smart case is thin and attaches to the front of the Mini with a magnetic hinge, offering sleek screen protection. In addition, the case has a leather outer shell with micro fibre lining that keeps the front and back safe.

Apple fans rejoice over iPad Mini display and new iPad Air

Apple’s latest announcement event revealed many new developments, but none more prominent than the changes to the iPad and iPad Mini. Just in time for the holiday shopping season, the tech giant has come out with a revamped, renamed full-size tablet as well as an upgraded miniature version.

The latest-generation iPad, now called the iPad Air, is thinner and lighter than ever. At a mere 7.5 mm thick it’s 20% more svelte than the previous model. For those who recall how compact the first iPad seemed, just a few years ago, the iPad Air makes it seem like a cinder block in comparison.

Apple iPad Air
Apple iPad Air – Thinner and Lighter

Other features that make it the iPad Air awesome on the outside include its brilliant 9.7-inch retina display and choice of colors – consumers can choose whether they want a silver and white model or a space grey and black one.

But it’s not just pretty to look at. The iPad Air is also, of course, faster and more powerful than the last iPad. Taking a cue from the stunning iPhone 5s, it features the incredible A7 chip and M7 co-processor with 64-bit architecture. Whether you commonly use your iPad to watch Netflix, play the new CSR Classics or edit iWork documents, this makes it the ultimate, portable media centre, gaming console and on-the-go work machine.

Other updates for the latest iPad include a 5 MP iSight camera, which can shoot 1080P quality video, and MIMO technology, which includes multiple antennae in the iPad Air for improved Wi-Fi reception.

At $499 for a 16GB Wi-Fi-only model, $629 for a 16GB Wi-Fi and cellular edition or $799 for the brand new 128GB one, the new iPad Air isn’t cheap. However, the updates increase its computing power and make it a realistic alternative to a laptop for ultra-portable computing.

Apple has overhauled the handy little iPad Mini, too. Though not as powerful as the iPad Air, or even the new iPhone 5s, it has been upgraded to feature a 64-bit A5 processor. Consequently, it’s four times faster than its predecessor. It also has eight times the graphics capabilities.

Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display
Apple iPad Mini now with Retina Display

With a 7.9-inch retina display, 5 MP, 1080P iSight camera and 10 hours of battery life, the iPad Mini is no slouch. In fact, it may become the common option for the average consumer who’s after a tablet to play games and check Facebook on but doesn’t require something as powerful and expensive as the iPad Air.

At $329 for a 16GB Wi-Fi-only model or $529 for one that also includes cellular, the iPad Mini is easier on the wallet than the iPad Air. With its upgraded technology and lower price point, it’s likely to become a hot seller this holiday season. Whether you have a technology fanatic in the family, or even just someone who’d appreciate an e-reader that can do more than just store and display books, the iPad Mini is a popular choice.

While the iPad updates that did come out of Apple’s latest event were certainly buzz-worthy, there were a few rumored announcements that never got made. Among them was the noticeable lack of a gold iPad to coordinate with the gold iPhone 5s. More importantly, however, there was no upgrade to fingerprint-sensing Touch ID on the iPads just like the new iPhone 5s. Furthermore, many tech experts expected Apple to come out with smart covers that contain keyboards, similar to the Surface tablet, but those were skipped over as well.

Perhaps Touch ID and other updates that were missed this time will be included in the next iteration of the iPad. Regardless, the iPad Air and new iPad Mini are sure to have people lining up outside Apple stores worldwide very soon.