Apple Smart Watch series 3 with cellular – A Review

Apple Watch series 3 with cellular – A Review

Apple has launched its third series of smart watch. It is simply called Apple watch series 3. It comes in two versions – cellular and non-cellular. The cellular smart watch helps you stay connected without having to carry your phone with you, you can still receive calls and get notifications from all your favorite apps.  This is especially useful for people who go out for runs or biking or swimming. They do not need to pause in their activity to receive a call. Apple’s newest version runs on the latest WatchOS i.e. WatchOS 4.

More Smart Watch options and features?

This OS has more than 50 fitness and non-fitness features. Some of its features are Passcode animation, Toy Story character faces, Maps app, Workout app etc. These OS features add to the functionality of the series 3 watches. The watch is available in various colors and bands.  It comes in silver, gold and grey aluminum case as well as in stainless steel case.

Technical features

Series 3 watch comes in 2 sizes – 38 mm and 42 mm. One of the advancements is water resistance. The display has an OLED screen covered by glass. The brightness of the watch makes it easy to read even under glaring sunlight. The best feature is the front display that doubles up as an antenna for the watch. It has a faster dual core processor and a new wireless chip called as W2. It has a heart rate sensor, barometric altimeter, accelerometer and gyroscope that all combined together show valuable data related to your body. The watch has a capacity of 16 GB. The only downside to all this is low battery life (only 18 hours).

Who Doesn’t love Apple’s Siri?

And then there is the convenience of Siri, you can always ask her to set a reminder, send a calendar invitation or give you directions, all without your phone.

Cellular features

This watch has an e-SIM i.e. electronic SIM. The phone number would be same as the mobile phone number. With this functionality a person would be able to make calls or receive calls without requiring a mobile phone nearby. The watch has a microphone and speaker. Apart from call features the cellular features allow third party apps to be used on the watch. You can download songs from Apple music and store in the watch. You can then play them through the music app. There are many more apps like gym app, news app and so on.  GPS and Altimeter.  The cellular capabilities are limited to certain carriers only in other countries but in USA it supports all the 4 carriers – T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

How about battery life?

Though the cellular capability of the watch is an exciting new feature, it is hampered by low battery life. The cellular feature also doesn’t seem to work in all places and situations. Like in cars or while one person is using the watch and another is using the mobile phone at the same time. The watch features seem to interfere with the smooth functioning of the mobile in such cases. The device is also on the expensive side. It is a good buy for fitness enthusiasts who find using mobiles while working out to be quite cumbersome.The watch fulfills the dual need of connectivity and a smart watch.

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