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What is the best Apple iPad or Tablet for kids

What is the best iPad or Tablet for kids?

Apple iPads and other tablets are a great learning as well as entertainment tool for kids. A good iPad or tablet for kids should have a safe browser, kid friendly apps, and long battery life. It should be sturdy enough to weather some rough handling. Some good tablets are offered by, Amazon, Leapfrogs and Apple.

Leapfrogs tablets are age specific. Amazon tablets though are not categorized by age, have some good safety and security features. Apple has not made any kid specific tablets but its mini iPad would suffice the requirements of children for a tablet.  Apple’s iPad has the added advantage of having some very good apps for kids. Here are some tablets that would not only be great value for money but would also prove excellent educational device for kids.

1. Apple iPad mini

iPad mini is the most expensive in the list here, but we think it’s worth the extra cost. Since apple products are known for their durability, this tablet should last a long time. The iPad mini has good camera and a high resolution screen. Known as a high performing tablet. The parental controls are not as detailed as on Amazon tablet. They restrict a kid’s internet usage, apps download and online purchases. This tablet will suit kids of all ages. Some great children’s apps can be downloaded from apple store.
iPad Mini

2. Amazon Fire Kids Edition

Two top most features of this tab are its cost and parental controls. The parental controls not only include what content the kids can browse but also the usage limits. There are educational targets and restricted internet access. The tab comes with 2year guarantee. It has a 7inch display suitable enough for your kid’s small hands. It has 16GB of internal storage and 256 GB of expandable storage. It comes in various colors in a kid proof case. Though the apps in the tablet are limited than those found on regular android devices, the kids can avail a year’s subscription to thousands of apps from nickelodeon, Disney, PBS kids.
Amazon Fire Kids Edition

3. Leapfrog Epic Tablet

It is the first android tablet from leapfrog. It has a range of apps from Leapfrog as well as popular android apps for kids. It has unique customization home screen feature that allows kids to customize their home screen the way they want. This tablet is designed for kids in the age range of 3 and 9 years. It also boasts of an auto-leveling feature in games that adjusts the level of the game as per the kid’s age. It has safe web browser and kids appropriate apps. The parental controls are satisfactory. It is a good buy for younger kids.
Leapfrog Epic

4. Vtech Innotab Max

This 7 inch tablet is again for kids in the age range 3-9 years. The tablet is based on android but has kid friendly interface. Though it comes with a stylus, it has touch screen feature too. It has 8 GB of space, with 32 GB expandable memory. It has its own messaging tool that helps to connect kids to parent’s mobiles through apps. The tablet has its own apps plus kids can download many android apps too. It is a good choice for a kid’s first tablet.
Vtech Innotab Max

For parents on a budget, Amazon’s tablet is the most cost effective tablet for kids of all ages.

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Where were the iPad’s at the All England Club?

At Wimbledon 2015 lead sponsor IBM was on display everywhere. From banners and screen ads, to television spots, IBM’s domineering sponsorship was felt. When the casual fan (myself included) watched these games it appeared that umpires were aided in officiating by not just IBM’s Hawkeye technology, but Apple iPads to display it. This was originally going to be a post about the presence of iPads at Wimbledon. However, as Mark Reschke of T-Gaap.com reported, the tablets at the All England Club were not iPads, but rather Panasonic’s Toughpad, running Windows.

Apple and IBM are well into a hundred million dollar partnership, one that has included such far ranging deals as IBM promoting iPads to elderly Japanese, IBM/Apple’s many business apps, software designed for banks, telecom, and utilities, issuing Apple’s products to employees, and even a brand new service for IBM clients that allows faster and more seamless integration of MacBooks within large companies. So with all that abundant and very public support and cooperation, why no iPads at Wimbledon? The answer is probably a boring one about All England Club contracts with other companies and legacy business deals. But it could just as easily be a serious marketing misstep.

Equally as odd as the lack of iPads at an IBM event, as Mark Reschke pointed out, is IBM’s under utilization of iPads in their high profile TV adverts. All current IBM ads show students or doctors using Windows equipment. Reschke says, justifiably, “perhaps someone in IBM corporate will inform their sports analytics team, marketing department, and advertising agency” about their current partnerships with Apple. Contacts with other companies, namely Sony, aside, there shouldn’t be a huge barrier to IBM using the littlest amount of leverage to get iPads into Wimbledon, or simply putting them in their minute-long TV spots seen by millions of people across the globe.

Wimbledon App on the iPad

The only place Apple products were seen at Wimbledon? In the stands of course. Hoards of fans filmed the tennis action on their iPads and iPhones, uploading great quality video. Fan videos sometimes show, among other things, how Sony’s “Hawk-Eye” was getting some calls wrong. Hawk-Eye has a history of criticism, some from the Australian media regarding its use in cricket, another relating to a controversial call during Nadal-Federer in Wimbledon 2008, in which Hawk-Eye declared a ball in by 1mm, less than its 3.6 mm margin for error, and numerous peer-reviewed journal pieces calling into question the technology’s stated ability to predict trajectory. Tennis experts have also questioned whether or not the technology ignores factors like distortion of the ball on bouncing, and the human errors inherent in a court painted on the ground by people.

This is all to bring up another valid point, why has the much beleaguered Sony system, with a 3.6mm margin of error, not been replaced with better software and better cameras, like those sometimes found on Apple products? Prior contracts and commitments no doubt, but the sporting world is being short changed, and so is Apple.

iPad and the war for chain restaurants

Over the past few years chain restaurants and airport eateries were experimenting with using a touchable tablet to replace the traditional ordering service. Using a tablet could allow a restaurant to staff fewer members to wait the restaurant, it was a popular idea. Recently, however, the clear favorite among chain restaurants was crowned, and it wasn’t Apple’s iPad, or any other off the shelf model. Instead chains are opting for restaurant specific devices like the Ziosk or E La Carte.

Last year Chili’s announced the purchase of 45,000 Ziosk units for its 800 stores. This was the biggest such purchase so far in the restaurant industry. With vendors across the world ditching cash machines for devices like Square, it is no surprise that the restaurant industry is doing the same with tablets. Chains like Applebee’s, Pizzeria Uno, and many more, have followed suit.

So why do restaurants prefer other tablets to the mainstream brands? The answer is multifaceted but fairly plain. iPads cost more, are more fragile, tend to get stolen, and a perhaps irrational fear that mainstream brands could cause diehard fans of one particular tech company, like Google or Apple, to dislike their restaurant if it featured their “rival’s” tablet.

Ziosk interface

Some writers and ex-waiters believe passionately that this is not only a bad thing for wait staff everywhere, but that it can also harm the business. Waiters, if on their A-game, are capable to extracting more cash from semi-willing customers than a faceless, voiceless, ideas-about-the-specials-less, tablet. Everyone who has ever dined out knows this. How many times have you ordered something on the advice/social pressure after receiving that advice in a restaurant? Probably ad-nauseam. This is a valid concern, and the restaurant chains will undoubtedly be watching.

Despite the concerns, this is probably inevitable, and maybe a good thing. There will be fewer wrong orders, and games on a durable pad to distract the kids. But still, it’ll be a tough sell to a public to which food service and waiting tables is often a key foothold on financial stability and even identity.

But where does this leave Apple? Unless they bring out a line of restaurant specific tablets, it appears they’re out of the chain restaurant world. Small businesses still use iPads to be sure. But a few main factors limited the iPad with the food service market. Applebee’s told Bloomberg Businessweek that a lack of removable battery made the iPad unworkable for their stores. For other stores the limiting factor is price, the iPad is simply too expensive. Still for other restaurants, notably ones with a reputation for being kid-friendly, say iPads just aren’t durable enough.

Perhaps the strangest complaint from customers is that they fear iPads spying on them in restaurants. Apparently a number of customers at a Chili’s in Sacramento were concerned that the cameras on the front of their tablets were allowing the wait staff to spy on them. This bizarre concern was responded to by Chili’s, who denied the cameras are used to spy on customers. Applebee’s made a statement saying that cameras can be used by guests to take selfies, and are never used by the restaurant.

Regardless, it seems that tablets are here to stay in chain stores. Perhaps Apple will reenter the foray down the road with a durable restaurant-ready tablet, or perhaps they’re content selling far more than the 45,000 units Ziosk sold last year to Chili’s, to the world at large.

How to fix no sound on iPad problems

One of the most common issues with the iPad is the inability to hear any sound. Obviously this can affect the overall entertainment you’ll get from the device. Lucking if you here no sound on the iPad there are numerous things you can try to fix the issue before seeking help from Apple.

Apple iPad Side Switch in Mute Position

 1. Check to see if the iPad is actually muted or not

Look on the side of your device for a small switch. This is actually called the “Side Switch.” If any orange color is showing then your iPad is being muted. Typically though this should only mute sounds such as notifications, alerts and sound effects. Move the switch up to the non-muted position just to be sure.

Apple iPad Control Center – Volume Control

If you still have no sound, try adjusting the mute option through the system:

– To bring up the Control Center, double tap the Home Button
– Scroll to the right, If the mute button is highlighted (Showing a bell icon with a line through it), tap it to unhighlight it and un-mute.

Note: For people using iOS 7 or higher, you can make a swiping motion upward on the Home Screen to bring up the Control Center.

Apple iPad Control Center – Mute Button

 2. Try the obvious, Turn up the volume

You’d be surprised at the amount of people that don’t even try this. If your iPad has no sound, you adjust this using the Control Center or the manual Volume Control on the side of the iPad.

3. Reboot, but first end all applications to be safe

– Double tap on the Home Button to bring up your currently running applications. Swipe up with your finger on each app to close.

– Now that all your apps are closed, hold down the power button and home button at the same time. If it prompts you to swipe in order to turn off your iPad simply follow the directions.

– Now that your iPad is turned off, turn it back on using the power button.

iPad Settings – General – Reset

 4. Still no sound, Restore the iPad to factory settings

Warning: This will erase all the information on your iPad.

– First, connect your iPad to your computer and make a back up in iTunes.

– After you make a backup, go to the Settings menu on your iPad.

– Click General, scroll down to Reset.

– Click on Reset and when prompted the click through the warning messages.

Note: It’s recommended that you have your iPad connected to a power source when it’s restoring the factory settings.

5. Ok, that didn’t work now what

Here are some quick and simple things to check before you call Apple, or set up an appointment with the genius bar, if the sound on your iPad is still not working.

– If you are having sound problems with a specific application, delete that app and reinstall. Contact the owner of the application if you continue to have issues.

– There is a chance the issue could be with your headphones. Check your headphones in other devices to make sure they are working properly.

Leave a comment and describe your problem, was it fixed or are you still having issues?

New iPad could have Touch ID, Apple Pay and larger screen

Apple Inc. is always on the cusp of the latest and greatest innovation or at least an upgrade from the latest and greatest, that many people chomp at the bit just to purchase. Well, the Apple iPad is one of those great innovations. Rumor has it that Apple will soon be launching its new iPad version. And this rumor also says, apparently through the hidden codes embedded in the new iOS software, that these new iPads will have some special features. These rumors were leaked from sources outside of the Asia technology market.

These special features include: Touch ID, Apple Pay and a large viewing screen. These things are all good news for iPad lovers. This next generation of iPads will be formally announced this month. The iPad market does not have as large a turnover rate as Apple iPhone. Basically, people don’t purchase a new iPad as soon a there is an upgrade, like they do with their cell phones. Because of this, Apple has seen quite a drop in sales for the iPad for the first quarter of this year. With these new iPad features, Apple is sure to earn more sales by enticing potential buyers. The potential buyers that Apple is honing in on are businesses. This past summer, Apple agreed to a deal with IBM to sell iPhones and iPads pre-loaded with apps. This will be a win-win situation for both Apple and IBM.

Apple Pay, Possible NFC Payments?

Many iPad fans are already excited about the Touch ID, or fingerprint scanner, that will enable users to pay for any item with the touch of a button and without typing in their credit card number via Apple Pay.

The first time Apple introduced Touch ID to the world was through its iPhone 5s, and no other Apple device had it. Apple’s new iPhones also have this fingerprint scan features. No iPad, however, has ever had this feature. The new iPad will be more user friendly and invite new potential buyers with features like the fingerprint scan.  It is however, still a rumor that the new iPads will have NFC functionality, because in order to do this the user will have to enable Wi-Fi.

Larger Screens

Having a larger screen is another suspected bonus feature. The larger screen will provide the perfect viewing for the multi-tasking screen that will be in the new iPads. This multitasking screen will allow users to have more than one app or game open at one time. This double screen feature is not anything new to the world of technology. It has always been a feature of Microsoft products like their tablets. This is sure to be seen as a benefit for iPad users. Also, the large screen will still be streamlined, thin and esthetically pleasing as reported on TechNews. It will look a lot like its predecessor the iPad air. As well, an added keyboard feature may come with these new iPads, but it is not confirmed as yet.

Thinner iPad (Source: technews.tw)
Side by side comparison (Source: technews.tw)
More Storage

Finally, we saved the best for last. One of the best new features in the new iPad will be its larger storage capacity and a faster processor. Users will be able to store more information, more pictures, more games and apps. The new Apple iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, both have a larger capacity and faster processor, so the new iPad will follow suit with these latest versions of the iPhone. This new larger capacity and storage will also be great for storing lots of music and videos.