12.9“ Apple iPad Pro to arrive first week of November

November will see the launch of what is believed by many to be one of the world’s best tablet computers. Apple’s mammoth iPad Pro is set to be available to customers in the first week of November according to Japanese Apple news provider Mac Otakara, citing what they refer to us reliable sources.

They report that the 12.9“ Apple iPad Pro will be launched in the first week of November, although whether this will actually happen is left to be seen. Mac Otakara have a hit-and-miss record, incorrectly forecasting the launch of Apple products in the past. They did however see success in 2013, when they correctly forecast the change to the home button on Apple’s iPhone 5S. Lets hope the are right again!

Great Specs

The Apple iPad Pro sports a 12.9-inch touch-screen. The size increase is a vast improvement upon it’s current largest display, at a meager 9.7-inches. Although the 12.9“ LED has a fantastic high resolution, capable of rendering at 264 pixels per inch. One drawback is the fact that the iPad Pro’s display lacks 3D touch functionality.

This stunning tablet will however fill the gap by adding support for the Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil stylus has single-pixel pressure sensitivity, greatly enhancing upon the stylus platform in its’ entirety.The Apple iPad Pro is aimed at facilitating a high level of productivity, whilst not sacrificing the quality of the display in any way. Performance is solid. The 64-bit 19X third generation processor is very quick and is stable enough to supply top-notch performance for many years.

iPad Pro- Replacing Your Notebook

The 12.9“ Apple iPad Pro is being pushed as a complete replacement to a laptop and certainly carries enough features to do the job. At a cost of $799 (USD) for the 32GB Wi-Fi-only version the iPad Pro makes a great alternative to, but at a higher cost than, a run-of-the-mill notebook.  For those than can afford it the 12.9“ Apple iPad Pro is a top-end piece of hardware, integrating many of Apple’s new devices such as the before-mentioned “Pencil” and Apple’s Smart Keyboard. A must-have for any Apple fan, here’s holding thumbs that Mac Otakara has it right.