Apple iPhone 6 will be introduced to the world on September 9th

According to a new report, Apple may be planning to release the highly anticipated iPhone 6 on September 9. The report comes from the technology site Re/code, which has a staunch reputation when it comes to getting Apple rumors right.

Others reputable sources are also confirming the date:

The iPhone 6 is expected to come in two new screen sizes, 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch. Some reports have speculated that the larger size will be delayed until later this year or early 2015 due to production issues.

In addition to bigger screens the device is expected to be totally redesigned. Over the last several months there have been multitudes of leaks pointing to a new mostly-aluminum design with rounded corners, similar to that of the current generation iPod Touch.

One of the most contested rumors points to the use of a sapphire display. The use of sapphire for the display would allow for a near indestructible front panel for the new smartphone. Apple’s devices are notoriously easy to break. The problem for Apple (and any other company that wants to use the material in their phone) is that it is difficult and expensive to produce en mass. This has led to some rumors that say that a sapphire screen will be included on the iPhone 6; some that say that it’ll only be included on the 5.5 inch version; and some that say that it won’t be included at all because of those production issues.

Internally, there isn’t much known about the iPhone 6 upgrades. Based on past releases, it is safe to assume that the iPhone 6 will see a faster processor. Battery life and capacity is another rumor that hasn’t been consistent over the last few months. Some reports point to the same size battery in the iPhone 6 as is already in the iPhone 5s. This points to slightly worse battery life due to the extra strain added by a larger screen. Yet other reports point to a significant upgrade for the iPhone 6 battery.

Other hardware rumors point towards the use of a new Wi-Fi chip (802.11ac), the possible inclusion of NFC for the first time, and the inclusion of wireless charging technology. Many of these rumors are considered extremely sketchy by those in-the-know.

Finally, it’s known (or at least safe to assume) that the device will launch with iOS 8, which is a significant upgrade from iOS 7. One of the features users are looking forward to the most is called extensions, which will allow app developers to send data and interfaces between third party apps. This also means that iOS will see third party keyboards and third party widgets for the first time.

When it comes to Apple rumors, it’s best to take everything with a grain of salt. No pundit or technology journalist knows exactly what Apple will announce when Tim Cook takes the stage on September 9.