Recently leaked iPhone 7 images may be the real thing

There’s one thing that you can be sure of in the months leading up to the next iPhone: many images of the device will be leaked. The vast majority of these images end up being fake and ultimately disappointing those who hoped the iPhone would look just like the leaked image. However, it appears that a recently leaked image of the new iPhone 7 may, in fact, be the real thing.

iPhone 7 May Have Smart Connector

AppleInsider was first to report on and share the leaked image last month. Initially, many believed that this supposed leak was fake because of the 3 dots on the back of the iPhone. These 3 dots represent Smart Connector, a feature that was first brought to the iPad Pro. Smart Connector allows the iPad Pro to magnetically connect to Apple’s Smart Keyboard. The connection also draws power from the iPad Pro, which means that the keyboard does not have to be charged prior to using it with the iPad Pro.

Smart Connector seems like an odd feature to bring to the iPhone 7, given the substantial difference in size when compared with the iPad Pro. However, it is possible that the iPhone 7 will use Smart Connector for another accessory besides a keyboard–perhaps a headphones accessory with rumors that Apple will be doing away with the headphone jack on the new iPhone.

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iPhone 7 Design Is Nearly Identical to iPhone 6/6S

A recent report from, a Japanese blog that is typically very reliable, suggests that leaked image is actually the iPhone 7 Plus. They point to the outer shell/casing and the screen size as evidence that this is the larger version of the iPhone and not the 4.7″ iPhone 7. What’s more, the leaked iPhone 7 Plus is exactly the same size as the iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 6 Plus before it.

This indicates that the new iPhone 7 Plus won’t be any thinner than the current model. It also indicates that the screen may be the same as the existing iPhone, with no upgrades to the resolution. For those hoping for a higher resolution screen like that which is found on the Samsung Galaxy S7, this may be a disappointment.

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iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Will Have Some Upgrades

However, it does appear that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will have significant internal upgrades. In the leaked image, you can see what looks to be a dual lens camera. This is rumored to be exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus and may lead to DSLR quality photos with the iPhone. While the existing iPhone’s camera is quite good, this new dual lens camera could put it far ahead of any other smartphone on the market.

Additionally, it is expected that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will come with faster processors. Apple has a habit of putting a new processor in each generation of the iPhone, so a new one in the iPhone 7 is pretty much a given. A new processor will make the phone faster and more responsive.

The iPhone 7 may also see an upgrade to the RAM. The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus had 2GB of RAM, which is still less than what many Android phones have, for example the Samsung Galaxy S7 is rumored to have 4GB of RAM. What remains to be seen is how much RAM the new iPhone will have.

iPhone 7 Will Debut In September or October 2016

As with previous years, it is expected that the new iPhone will be available to the public in either September or October 2016. More leaks and information is expected to come out as we get nearer to this date.


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