5 things to know for Apple’s September 10th Event

The invitations have been received, and their colorful presentation and playful opening statement, “this should brighten everyone’s day” have the tech world buzzing. Is it possible that Apple’s choice of design and phrasing is a hint that they’ll be confirming rumors of the cheaper iPhone 5c, available in multiple colors, at their September 10th event? In just a day, we’ll know for sure.

As usual with all things Apple, there have been countless rumors circulating since the last batch of products was released about what the next models will be. So, what can we expect on the 10th? Here are five important things to know about Apple’s next event.

1. Expect surprises. While much of the leaked information and predictions from credible sources about upcoming iPhones and other new Apple products will likely prove to be true, it’s not unrealistic to assume that Apple has some unexpected news to share as well. It could be different iPhone specs than what we’re expecting, or an entirely new product or feature altogether. As Apple has been criticized recently for no longer being as innovative as they once were, the September 10th event is a prime opportunity for them to wow us once again and prove doubters wrong.

2. Surprises or not, the new iPhone will be the primary focus. So much of Apple’s media attention recently has been centered on the rumored iPhone 5s and 5c, and September 10th will be the day all is revealed. Features to expect include new internal components such as a robust, proprietary A7 chip. Some sources are even hinting that fingerprint scanning may be utilized on the new iPhones. At present, the technology will primarily be for unlocking the phone, but offers the capability to be used as a biometric scanner or to make secure online payments in the future.

3. Extensive information about iOS 7 will be provided. The first major mobile operating system update from Apple in a while, it is rumored to completely upgrade the user interface, predict app usage in order to preserve battery life, do automatic updates in the background, give all apps the ability to multitask and provide a useful new “iOS control panel” for tweaking settings.

4. iTunes Radio will be promoted. Given the neat features that come with this addition to the music management program, it’s somewhat surprising it hasn’t received more buzz. Launching soon in the USA and then in other countries worldwide, it offers streaming radio similar to services like SoundCloud, with a choice of 200 different genre-based radio stations. What sets it apart is its ability to bring together all the stations you’re likely to enjoy, based on your listening preferences and the type of music you tend to purchase. The more you listen, the more personalized your stations will become. Though it will be overshadowed by the new iPhone announcements, iTunes Radio is really a neat offering by Apple.

5. iPads won’t receive as much attention. While it’s not sensible to rule out any tablet-related news, it’s unlikely that the iPad and iPad Mini will be touched on in a significant way during the September 10th event. With new versions of the iPad being offered in fairly quick succession over the last few years, they have received a lot of coverage. While still an incredibly popular and important device, they will take a backseat to the iPhone and other announcements this fall.