Apple can learn from Xiaomi, the tech start-up and designers of Apple-inspired products

Apple has navigated the waters of fierce competitors and copy cats for some time now. But one company has not been shy about mimicking designs created by Apple. Xiaomi, now valued at $46 Billion, has numerous products that look like or have taken some inspiration from Apple’s unique line of products. As you’ll see below this has been well documented.

Xiaomi Mi Router Mini vs. Apple Tv
Xiaomi Mi Box
Apple Tv
Xiaomi Mi Box vs. Apple Magic Trackpad
Xiaomi Mi Router Mini
Apple Magic Trackpad
One more thing…

It doesn’t stop there, other products such as Xiaomi’s Mi4 Phone has similarities with the Apple iPhone 5 and the Mi Pad is similar to the, you guessed it, iPad. Just to show you how blatant Xiaomi is with this, they even poked some fun at Apple during their recent event copying Apple’s iconic “one more thing” slide.

Xiaomi Mi TV vs. Apple???

Ok so what? Numerous new outlets have already reported the likeness between these two companies. The real genius when it comes to Xiaomi is that they are not waiting for Apple to come out with their next big idea, they are predicting and launching products most likely still being developed by Apple. On one had this is risky, Xiaomi could in fact launch a product and be severely out-matched by Apple. We’ve seen this before when everyone was expecting an Apple 4K display and boom they drop the bomb with a 5K display. But even Apple fans know that they are sometimes extremely slow to update and release new products. This has somewhat to do with their attention to detail and quality standards, all reasons why people love their products. But how long have we be hearing about an Apple high definition television?

Xiaomi is already there. Creating the latest generation TV with tons of features Apple is sure to take notice. The Xiaomi Mi TV is a 47”, 3D smart TV integrates both a quad-core Android game box and the Mi Box into a slim display.


The Mi TV is a 1920 x 1080 HD television that integrates technology from both LG and Samsung. The gaming performance is impressive with no need for a Microsoft or Sony entertainment system, the TV comes complete with a controller. With 2G DDR3 dual channel memory and 8GB eMMC high speed flash memory, this TV makes viewing photos, surfing websites, playing games, listening to music and watching videos a breeze.


Xiaomi’s risky decisions seem to have been paying off. Their start-up rivals that of Uber. But without knowing they may have given Apple some food for thought. It’s possible the copy cat could be the one being copied in the future. Now the ball is in Apple’s court. What can we expect from the tech giants now? Apple has tried the gaming market before and failed with Pippin. The real question is can Apple come up with new ideas faster and do then even need to? Let us know what you think about Apple and Xiaomi’s latest products by leaving a comment below.