Apple iPod may be reaching end of product life cycle

Apple Inc. owes a large amount of their success to the top-selling iPod. Over recent years the sales of the iPod have been dwindling. This can be attributed to the increase in smartphone users, almost all of which rather use their phones for their music listening needs.

The iPod Nano has received no updates at all over the last three years and the Apple iPod touch has not had any major design changes either. Sales of the iPod have dropped so much that Apple Inc. refused to reveal their sales for the last quarter. Will Apple soon retire iPod altogether?

iPod Touch May Have Hope

Even those iPod fans do have some hope on the horizon in the form of possible RAM and chipset upgrades next year, the future is not bright for the Apple iPod. The iPod Nano is most likely a device to be retired, although the iPod touch still holds a chance of being upgraded.

There is a high possibility that the Apple Watch will replace the iPod as music listeners’ streaming device of choice. After all it does make more sense that the tech giant would put more resources into their newest, trending platform. With WatchOS 2.0 being released the Apple Watch is likely to be flooded with apps that will give it functionality far out-reaching the scope of an iPod.

No Place for Apple iPod

Any iPhone holds capabilities equal to, or greater than that of the current range of Apple iPod. In actual fact one can see further evidence of the decline of the iPod by Apple’s change to their website, whereby they replaced iPod’s category with Apple Music.

According to a report from BidnessETC, we could very soon be forced to say goodbye to our trusty iPods. With technology such as the iRing in the distant future, there is simply no place for a device designed to just play music from a limited, fixed amount of storage.