Top 3 accessories for a new MacBook owner

New to the Mac? Did you just go out and buy a new Mac Pro? Well it’s time to look for some great accessories that almost every Mac owner should have. That Mac is great, but it does have its limitations. With some of these accessories, you can work better without adding a ton to your budget.

Anker USB 3.0 9 Port Hub With Smart Charging Port

9 Port USB Hub

Unless you have a Mac Pro (old or new), you probably have run out of USB ports. The iMac only has a couple, and every Apple laptop only has two or three. So it doesn’t take long to run out in this world where everything connects via USB.

The Anker USB Hub, has 9 ports, will charge everything up to an iPad without being plugged into your laptop/desktop, and is USB 3.0. The only thing that would make it better is if they threw in a couple extra Thunderbolt ports, but you can’t get everything you want.

The downside is that it’s pricey. But you’ll be hard pressed to find one that looks great next to your beautiful Mac, and has 9 ports ($60).

Apple Magic Mouse

Apple Magic Mouse

We’ve looked and looked for the perfect mouse for the Mac, and there are just not very many that fit the Mac aesthetic. Logitech makes some really great mice, but they tend not to last very long unless you spend more than $100.

So we’ve settled on the Apple Magic Mouse. Now if you’ve purchased an iMac, you probably already have one of these. If not, you’ll need to buy it separate. The great part is that because it is made by Apple, it has gesture support built in, so you won’t lose functionality if you’ve decided to leave your track pad behind.

Sometimes a track pad just isn’t precise enough, the Magic Mouse takes care of that ($73).

Specialty Screen Cleaner Kit

Belkin Cleaning Kit

All Macs have screens of some sort, even if you’ve had to buy it separately. Even if you use a desktop, your screen will get dusty and smudged over time. We’ve linked to a nice cleaner kit for LCDs and LED screens, but you can find something else if $15 is too pricey.

Basically it just comes with spray that is safe for a screen and a microfiber rag. Wipe your screen down once a month and it’ll continue to look awesome ($15).

Bottom Line

Obviously we could have listed several more, and if we had gotten specific to certain computers, we could have listed even more. If you have a MacBook for instance, an Ethernet to USB connector is almost a must have. We also failed to include a great external optical drive, so there’s that as well.

Many Mac users will start accumulating accessories from the time they buy their first Mac until they die. New things come out, and as tech people we love to look at shiny new things. It’s just human nature.