Why does the App Store continue to reject new apps?

The App Store houses thousands of applications that can be used on all kinds of Apple devices. In fact, Apple says that there are nearly 1.2 million applications available today. As appealing as the variety is, there are concerns over how some people who make their apps end up getting rejected by Apple. Apple has a number of different reasons for why it refuses some applications.


The main reason why Apple rejects apps is because the company doesn’t have enough information on those apps. About 14% of apps are rejected due to this reason. This especially comes from when people don’t provide demo usernames and passwords for programs that require people to log in for some reason. Apple needs full access to new apps and if it does not have access to them or information on those programs then it will reject new apps.

In addition, apps that have bugs and errors in them will be rejected. Apple wants to ensure that any app that is uploaded will actually work without any faults.

The user interface is another aspect of apps that Apple looks into. If a person uploads an app that features an interface that is overly convoluted or difficult to manage then that app will be rejected.

The relevance of a description or other pieces of data that relate the app that is being submitted will also be a real factor. If the description, screenshots or other pieces of data are not reflected in the actual project then the app will be rejected. Apple wants to encourage truth in advertising above all else.

The same can be said for fraudulent information and anything that may be poorly represented. If the program is represented in a way that is misleading or incorrect in some form then it will not get into the App Store. Apple only wants to work with those who do business in an honest and trustworthy way.

Anything listed as a “trial,” “demo” or “beta” version will also be rejected. Apple does not want to take in programs that do not appear to be completely finished. The company only wants programs that it knows are accurate and ready for use without creating any future problems.

Finally, all apps with placeholder text will be rejected. Therefore, all app developers must be aware of what they are doing when preparing their work the right way. The standards that Apple has are certainly strict. The reasons for why the company rejects so many apps are important for all who want to send in their own apps to consider.