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The wait is over: Facebook Messenger for Apple Watch arrives

Facebook Messenger has, as expected, arrived for the Apple Watch. The integration of Facebook Messenger for Apple Watch has been a much anticipated feature, which now allows conversations, your contacts and more to be shown directly on your Apple Watch. You can send voice clips, emoji’s, stickers and likes as well as allow you to subscribe to groups and pages through this native WatchOS 2 application.

This new Facebook Messenger is extremely responsive and makes interactions quick and near-effortless. It is frills-free and is exactly what is needed by a platform requiring extreme ease of use and problem-free interaction.

Facebook Messenger with Multitasking

The multitasking features of Apple’s iPad are featured, as reported the The Verge, and Spotlight delivers results quickly. You can message and interact with friends and family whilst carrying out something else online at the same time. The convenience of being able to watch a movie, browse the web or social network amidst every moment of everyday life is likely to become a pain for friends and family, unless they own an Apple watch themselves of course!

No ads are displayed within Facebook’s messenger, they have opted not to directly monetize the WatchOS application. The influx of regular Facebook users is likely to affect their revenue through conventional means of accessing the network nonetheless.


WatchOS 2 Brings New Apple Watch Apps

With the release of WatchOS 2 came a flood of new apps for your Apple Watch. Facebook Messenger for Apple Watch was announced at Apple’s “Hey, Siri” launch event. Flagship applications for the Apple Watch included iTranslate, a GoPro app, and a health care application named Airstrip.

A new range of sports watches were also unveiled, with the highlight being the new gold and rose-gold coloured Apple Watch Sport. Given the amount of distractions now conveniently placed upon your wrist, it is likely that most Apple Watch owners will never know what the time actually is. After all, time flies when you are having fun.