MacBook Pro Retina Problems

Late 2013 MacBook Pro owners reporting multiple issues

A great number of consumers are still experiencing significant problems with MacBook Pro Retina laptops purchased in the latter part of this year. While at first it seemed that the only issues were with displays, it’s now become apparent that the problems stretch beyond that.

Many users in an astounding 112-page Apple support thread are reporting that their keyboards and trackpads lock up randomly during a wide variety of tasks, making it difficult to pinpoint the cause of the trouble. Performing a hard reset through the power button is the only temporary fix known right now for this frustrating error. Furthermore, it’s not yet been determined whether such lockups are a hardware or software-related issue.

Others have discovered issues while using BootCamp to install Windows 8 or 8.1. An additional 15-page support thread documents repeated occurrences of freezing and copying errors when attempting to perform the installation through USB, DVD or via an external device such as a SuperDrive. There is some indication that tweaking certain settings within BootCamp may solve the issue, but the consistently growing thread of MacBook Pro Retina users experiencing it is hard to ignore.

As if the freezing and BootCamp woes weren’t enough, yet further purchasers of late-model MacBook Pro Retina computers have reported low battery life, fans speeding up and slowing down at unexpected times and other overall stability problems. These matters, of course, are all in addition to the main trouble with the laptops: major display defects.

Primarily seen in models with displays supplied by LG, the affected MacBooks have issues with ghosting and burn-in on their screens as well as other graphics defects. Unfortunately, recent reports now suggest that a few of the laptops with alternate Samsung displays are experiencing problems, too.

Late 2013 MacBook Pro with Retina Display
Retina Display of the Late 2013 MacBook Pro

What’s to be done about the repeated problems with the MacBook Pro Retina computers? Nobody is quite sure. An official statement has yet to be put forth, and Apple retail store employees are often ill equipped to handle the myriad of problems. Up until now, the unofficial policy seems to be to replace the notebooks until the affected consumers end up with one that works – usually one with a Samsung display. However, for some people that means setting up and consequently having to replace computers upwards of nine times, leaving it up to the luck of the draw.

Nothing is perfect, and it would be unreasonable to assume that Apple would never produce a product with flaws. However, they do tend to have an above average record of releasing highly quality tech that’s as functional as it is beautiful. The stability of Mac computers and other Apple devices have earned them millions of repeat purchasers who are loyal to such as extent that they’ve helped shape Apple from a computer company to a cultural icon. That’s why having such significant issues such as those with the MacBook Pro Retina, not to mention being less-than-speedy with a solution, stands out.

Apple could help themselves and the consumers who have purchased the defective laptops by developing a clear policy on how they’ll handle the problems going forward. It would best be aided by providing those instructions to Apple stores and licensed resellers worldwide. Furthermore, they should also identify what the primary sources of the troubles are and what will be done differently with future models of MacBook Pro Retinas to avoid additional, similar issues.

The longer the company lingers without nipping this problem in the bud, the worse it becomes. While long-time Mac enthusiasts will likely stick with the company through the frustration, it is possible that newcomers will be put off by it.