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Sell your old iPhone for top dollar at Gazelle

It’s become a part of “Mac culture” – eagerly anticipating and even lining up to buy the latest generation iPhone or iPad. But when new models come out fairly frequently, what’s to be done with the old versions? They can always be passed on to a friend or family member, or even sent to a local electronics recycling depot. But upgrading to the latest Apple “ i device” isn’t cheap, so wouldn’t it be nice to get a few dollars back, easing the expense?

That’s where comes in. They’ve capitalized on the fact that thousands of people have extra gadgets sitting around the house that are perfectly good but have been abandoned for the newest model. Their service, for which they have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, allows consumers to trade in unwanted devices.

The process is simple. Visit Gazelle’s website and answer a few questions about the device you no longer want. They’ll tell you it’s value, and providing it’s worth more than $1.00 you can ship it to them free of charge. Once received by the company they’ll check it immediately and then send your funds. Customers even have the choice between receiving a check, money in their PayPal account or an Amazon gift card.

Gazelle accepts a wide variety of devices including iPhones and other smartphones, iPads and other tablets and some computers, including MacBooks. They then find new homes for the devices, in part by refurbishing them and selling them on their active eBay store.

Since its inception, Gazelle has become an increasingly popular service and to date have taken in nearly 1 million items on trade. They take their clients’ trust very seriously and guarantee all personal data will be securely erased from devices they receive. With such a great program and commitment to customer service, it’s no surprise nine out of ten clients have reported being happy with the company, or that Gazelle has earned such a prestigious rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Gazelle even offers a referral program for customers – for each friend you refer who sells a gadget, you’ll receive $10.00, and the friend will get an additional $10.00 for their first trade-in.

There is a lot of merit to this creative business solution. It means less waste and clutter, with old devices no longer sitting around the house or being tossed away. What’s more, it also helps subsidize the purchase of new gadgets. Perhaps you’ve decided to clean up around the house and realized getting a few dollars back for your old electronics is better than having them collect dust. Or maybe you’ve got your eye on a new iPad Mini or the upcoming new iPhone and want to take some of the sting out of the purchase price.

Whatever your reasoning, using is a great way to make the most out of your electronic purchases and save yourself a bit of money. It’s quick, easy, free and definitely worth investigating if you’re still holding on to your first generation iPad and iPhone 3.

Apple iPhone 5s release date

“This should brighten everyone’s day.” Apple has recently issued colorful invitations to their September 10th event, at which it’s expected they’ll make announcements regarding features of the new iPhones, iOS 7 and other innovative product developments.

So with the event just days away, when can we expect the rumored iPhone 5s and 5c to be released? Some sources are vague, perhaps playing it safe, by saying “sometime in the latter part of 2013.” Others are speculating as quickly as September 12th. But most sources of Apple news are focusing on September 20th as the day Apple’s new products will hit the shelves.

Apple typically releases their new products quite quickly after announcing them. They’re at their most hyped then, with everyone buzzing about the news. It’s an ideal time to capitalize on that and make them available while they’re receiving so much attention.

On July 9th, an employee at Pegatron, a Taiwanese manufacturing company known to work with Apple, stated that they were busy pasting protective film onto the backs of the new iPhones’ “plastic back cover” to protect them from damage. This, coupled with tales from other sources and the colorful design of Apple’s event invitations all seem to hint at the release of the iPhone 5c, a cheaper model that will have the same components as the current iPhone 5, with a plastic casing available in a variety of different hues.

Popular websites such as MacRumors also seem to feel confident that the new iPhones will be released soon. Their reliable insider sources also seem to hint at a date around September 20th. Confidence in that being the date of choice for Apple has been furthered by reports that wireless carriers such as Verizon have blacked out vacation periods for employees between the 18th and the 20th of this month. It is believed that Apple will release their new iPhones in the USA at this time, with other first-wave countries to be offered them in the days to follow.

Perhaps in the theme of playing it safe, relatively reliable information source KGISecurities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has laid out a predicted release date roadmap which also indicates this fall as the expected time for release of the new iPhones.

Just a few days ago, TechRadar reminded readers that it is around this same time of year that the iPhone 4s and 5 were released, which is a good indication that they will follow suit with their latest smart phones.

While many of the popular websites frequented by Mac enthusiasts have fairly reliable sources that hint at, or even leak, information to the public, it’s important to remember that Apple can have an ace up their proverbial sleeve. It’s not far-fetched to think that the company will surprise the world, possibly with their release dates but likely with the products themselves.

Will there really be a gold iPhone 5s? Or colorful, cheaper iPhone 5c model? Or might the company have pushed ahead right away with an iPhone 6? There is only one way to know for sure – tune in tomorrow for Apple’s Event.

Top 5 Features of iOS 7

The latest Apple operating system is due to be released shortly, and like everything Mac, iOS 7 is generating a lot of buzz. Compared to previous updates, there are some substantial additions and changes. Apple has promised it’s their most advanced mobile operating system yet, that will make usage “easier, faster and more enjoyable.” The top 5 updates we’re excited about are:

Apple - Updated built-in apps
Apple – Updated Built-in Apps

1. Upgraded pre-loaded apps:

While the Apple store offers lots of alternatives to the standard apps, the iPhone’s default apps will get a makeover with iOS 7.

The weather app is now reportedly similar to Yahoo! Weather and has beautiful graphics that capitalize on the crisp retina display.

The calendar has a cleaner interface and allows users to swipe and zoom through their schedule.

Safari comes with new 3D tabs, enhanced bookmarking capabilities and Twitter integration. And perhaps best of all, the Mail app now includes better photo sharing capabilities, so you’ll no longer be limited to emailing four pictures at a time through the photos app.


Apple - Updated Siri App
Apple – Updated Siri App

2. Significant upgrades to Siri:

The integrated virtual assistant now comes with the ability to choose between male and female voices and interact in other languages, such as French and German. It also has enhanced voice control features so you can speak up to change the brightness of your display or enable and disable Wi-Fi. You can even ask to have Twitter and Wikipedia entries read to you!


Apple - Updated security
Apple – Updated Security

3. Better Security:

Smartphones are a common target for thieves, with iPhones being among the favorites to steal. To protect against theft, Apple has included a new security feature, called Activation Lock, with iOS 7. In the unfortunate event your iPhone is stolen, unless the thief can enter your iCloud user name and password he won’t be able to reactivate your phone. That’ll give you time to back up your data to iCloud, attempt to locate your phone through the GPS-enabled Find My Phone app and rest assured that at least a giant bill isn’t being accumulated with your service provider.


Apple - New iTunes Radio
Apple – New iTunes Radio

4. iTunes Radio:

Previously known as iRadio, the streaming music service is similar to Pandora and lets listeners access inbuilt stations. The service has smart features such as the ability to learn which songs you like and which you don’t. And because it works in conjunction with iTunes, if you hear a song you like you can purchase it.


Apple - Home Screen Transparency
Apple – Home Screen Transparency

5. Home screen Transparency:

iOS 7 has been designed to track motion, making it possible to view what’s behind your app icons. What does this mean for you? When you’re viewing your apps, your wallpaper will still be visible. While not a significant chance with regard to functionality, it is the newest feature of the iPhone and makes for a cleaner, simplistic look.

While other operating system updates have come and gone without generating significant buzz, iOS 7 will have more impact on users. In addition to our top five favorites, it boasts a host of other features, too, with yet more rumored to surface by the release date. Overall, this significant update will make for a cleaner look and even more user-friendly experiences certain to please Apple fans.

iPhone 5s rumored to come in gold

The big day is drawing ever nearer; soon, the next batch of iPhones will be released to the world, and we can find out which of the rumors are truths and which were Apple folklore. Until then, they’ll continue to be passed around online. Whether it’s big iPhone phablets, cheaper iPhones available in a variety of colors or reported features of the new operating system, there is no shortage of speculation about what will come out on release day.

One of the most persistent rumors is that, in addition to the standard black and silver iPhone 5 models, a new gold iPhone will be produced. Recently, photos have surfaced online of it next to the existing iPhone 5s, and credible inside sources are stating it could be released as soon as September 10th.

If the idea of a gold iPhone conjures up images of something flashy and gaudy best suited to a flamboyant pop star, then you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that the leaked photos show something more chic and refined. Instead of a shiny, tacky phone reminiscent of a thin gold brick, it’s more of a muted, brushed champagne hue.

Industry insiders are offering varying opinions on just why a gold iPhone may be offered, with two “educated guesses” being among the most popular. One is that gold was chosen to capitalize on current trends in the Asia Pacific market, as gold and orange are currently the most popular colors in the region. Another is that gold will play a part in a new hierarchy of iPhone models, with it being top of the line, silver being the mid-range option and black the budget choice. In addition to that, the cheaper, plastic iPhone 5c may still be released in a variety of colors, much like iPods.

There are also other rumors that the new iPhone will just have gold trim as opposed to being solidly metallic, although the leaked photos circulating online seem to dispel that idea. Furthermore, there has even been the suggestion that instead of a gold iPhone there will be a purple model with silver trim, to tie in with the launch of the new Saints Row IV game. Below are iPhone 5s parts taken by the website ASCII Plus from the manufacturer Moumantai.


Other reports are suggesting that Apple has come up with the idea to go with a gold iPhone because of the process involved with the manufacturing. Tech experts have recently stated that gold is an easier color to anodize onto the iPhone than black, leaving some to wonder if, come September 10th, the newest iteration of the iPhone 5 will only be available in gold or silver.

It is expected that the new iPhones will not have any other design variations, with the locations of buttons, the SIM card and speakers all identical to that of the current iPhone 5. However, it is possible that a new 128GB storage option may be available for those keen to keen a lot of data close at hand.

Despite credible-sounding rumors and leaked photos, all we can do is wait a few more weeks to see what pans out and what doesn’t. It’ll be interesting to see which colors the newest Apple smartphones come in, and what the most popular sellers end up being.

Larger iPhone screen rumors continue

If there’s anything we can count on in life, it’s iPhone rumors. They’re becoming the new “death and taxes.” It seems that the moment Apple launches their latest smartphone, stories about what the next one will feature immediately begin to surface.

While each impending iPhone release many of the same stories, such as fingerprint technology, new ones get added to the mix all the time. And despite the many tales circulating about new smartphone developments, there’s no rumor more buzz-worthy at the moment than the possibility of iPhones with different screen sizes being produced.

Taking cues from their major competitors, including Samsung, it is possible that Apple may be venturing into “phablet” territory. Phablets, of course, are those giant devices that are bigger than the average smartphone yet still smaller than a tablet. Samsung already established itself as a producer of phablets well over two years ago, with the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2 and 5-inch Galaxy S4 being their most current models.

However, research shows that consumers want to have their cake and eat it too; they want an iPhone, but they also want a phablet. If the rumors are true, those of us who are loyal to “Team Apple” but still crave a larger smartphone just might be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Screen size changes are just one of many differences in Apple products in the post-Jobs era. Steve Jobs memorably claimed the traditional 3.5-inch iPhone screen was “the perfect size for consumers” being easy to grip while still large enough to feature a decently sized and high-quality display. After his passing, however, Apple launched the iPhone 5 with a slightly larger, 4-inch screen. Despite this growth, it still remains one of the smaller smartphones on the market at present.

While specifications of Apple products always change right up until the last moment, and prototypes are constantly altered, the rumor that’s sticking is that the computing giant will launch both 4.7 inch and 5.7-inch iPhone models next year. 4.7 inches, of course, is in line with the standard size of Android phones, while 5.7 inches would outdo even the chunky Samsung Note.

But besides being bigger, what other changes could larger iPhone screens bring? Some people in the know claim the next generation iPhone, currently referred to as either the 5s or the 6, could improve on retina display technology and come equipped with a beefed-up, 12-megapixel camera. At the same time, it has also been stated that a larger screen may possibly translate to decreased brightness, resolution quality and battery life.

With all indications being that the new iPhone is unlikely to be released until at least October, all we can do is speculate and wait. Are you giving much merit to the rumors about bigger iPhones? Would an Apple phablet essentially be an iPad mini with a phone? And are you keen to see Apple compete with other phablet manufacturers, or are you happy with the current 3.5-inch iPhone 4s and 4-inch iPhone 5?