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Larger iPhone screen rumors continue

If there’s anything we can count on in life, it’s iPhone rumors. They’re becoming the new “death and taxes.” It seems that the moment Apple launches their latest smartphone, stories about what the next one will feature immediately begin to surface.

While each impending iPhone release many of the same stories, such as fingerprint technology, new ones get added to the mix all the time. And despite the many tales circulating about new smartphone developments, there’s no rumor more buzz-worthy at the moment than the possibility of iPhones with different screen sizes being produced.

Taking cues from their major competitors, including Samsung, it is possible that Apple may be venturing into “phablet” territory. Phablets, of course, are those giant devices that are bigger than the average smartphone yet still smaller than a tablet. Samsung already established itself as a producer of phablets well over two years ago, with the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2 and 5-inch Galaxy S4 being their most current models.

However, research shows that consumers want to have their cake and eat it too; they want an iPhone, but they also want a phablet. If the rumors are true, those of us who are loyal to “Team Apple” but still crave a larger smartphone just might be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Screen size changes are just one of many differences in Apple products in the post-Jobs era. Steve Jobs memorably claimed the traditional 3.5-inch iPhone screen was “the perfect size for consumers” being easy to grip while still large enough to feature a decently sized and high-quality display. After his passing, however, Apple launched the iPhone 5 with a slightly larger, 4-inch screen. Despite this growth, it still remains one of the smaller smartphones on the market at present.

While specifications of Apple products always change right up until the last moment, and prototypes are constantly altered, the rumor that’s sticking is that the computing giant will launch both 4.7 inch and 5.7-inch iPhone models next year. 4.7 inches, of course, is in line with the standard size of Android phones, while 5.7 inches would outdo even the chunky Samsung Note.

But besides being bigger, what other changes could larger iPhone screens bring? Some people in the know claim the next generation iPhone, currently referred to as either the 5s or the 6, could improve on retina display technology and come equipped with a beefed-up, 12-megapixel camera. At the same time, it has also been stated that a larger screen may possibly translate to decreased brightness, resolution quality and battery life.

With all indications being that the new iPhone is unlikely to be released until at least October, all we can do is speculate and wait. Are you giving much merit to the rumors about bigger iPhones? Would an Apple phablet essentially be an iPad mini with a phone? And are you keen to see Apple compete with other phablet manufacturers, or are you happy with the current 3.5-inch iPhone 4s and 4-inch iPhone 5?