Will Apple release a new Mac mini in time for the holidays?

Rumors of a new Apple Mac mini have swirling for quite some time now.

Some Apple fans were expecting Mac mini announcements, statements or teasers during the worldwide Apple event held last on September 9th. Lots of other products were discussed (the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the wearable Apple Watch, U2’s free album, Apple Pay to name a few) but absolutely nothing on the Mac mini.

Understandably, this has fans feeling a little disappointed.

Rumors previously speculated launch date of February 2014, but it’s now September and still nothing. Some are suggesting there might not be any Apple Mac mini at all this year, thanks to a lull in reports and insider statements from Apple employees.

The most recent report, by 9to5mac, showed a cached page from Apple support that hinted at a Mid-2014 release. But that time has come and gone.

For its part, Apple has never confirmed rumors about any of its releases, opting instead to let public hype build up until they make their own announcement. Fans are still hopeful for a 2014 release.


According to various Mac mini rumor sites, the a future Mac mini will be shipped with OS X Yosemite and will be powered by Iris-integrated graphics and Haswell processors.

The upcoming device will also implement next-generation 802.11 Mac-based Wi-Fi internet, suggesting three times the connectivity speed of existing Mac wireless networks. The Mac mini will also contain the latest Mac OS features, including HandOff, AirDrop, MailDrop, Continuity and a host of other unnamed software programs. 

The current Mac mini comes in two build types and there is little doubt that the next Mac mini will follow suit but with better specs, while still maintaining the pricing structure of $599 and $799.

Some speculation points to a November or December release just in time for the 2014 holiday season, to allow the iPhone and the Apple Watch enough time to establish themselves in the public eye before a other new Apple products are introduced.