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How to fix an iPhone PDP Authentication Failure

When you want your old mobile number assigned to a brand new sim, PDP Authentication Failure can happen. Usually, you will need to wait 24 to 48 hours before all the information is transferred from the old sim card to the new sim card. During this process, you may experience some difficulties such as the PDP authentication failures in iPhone. If this happens, you will get an error message while attempting to connect to the data network.

Possible reasons for PDP Authentication Failure in an iPhone

  • Wrong phone settings
  • Lost connection or network outage
  • High volume traffic on the current network

This problem is very common when you buy a new phone and you have to change your SIM. Usually, the error stems from the APN settings. You must make sure that the APN is set up properly. To check if the APN is set up correctly, you must try to synch your new phone to iTunes while using the new SIM. If the problem persists after doing this, then you may need help of an expert.

Another reason why PDP Authentication Failure occurs is because of data outage. If there is no data to use, then the authentication will fail. This error is common in iDevices such as iPads and iPhones.

To counter this problem, you must verify if you have data available on your account to begin browsing. You can trying reaching out to the SIM Company or visiting their website. Checking both your data and APN will ensure that you prevent PDP Authentication Failure for your device.

Helpful Tips to Stop PDP Authentication Error

  • Try re-inserting the SIM
  • Try to reset the network settings on your device. Make sure all settings are in default. For iPads, the default APN is prepay APN
  • Call your SIM Company for more assistance if these steps did not work