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Shellshock concerns reduced as Apple releases patch for Bash bug

Normally Mac users don’t worry about viruses infiltrating our computers because Mac is such a reliable computer and Apple technology is so reliable that the threat of a virus is very far off. However, there is one “security vulnerability” out there that seems to be a threat to Mac computers. This technology insect is known as the Bash or Shellshock.

Up until just a few weeks ago, the threat of this bug could have wreaked havoc on Mac computers. Now, however, the threat has been contained and Mac users need not to worry. The threat of these bugs came from a security flaw in Mac operating systems. This breach in security would have allowed any hacker to get into the operating system and completely take it over! According to CNET, the way this bug works “involves the execution of malicious code within a bash shell — a command-line shell used in many Linux and Unix operating systems, and by Apple’s Mac OS X operating system.”

Source: Robert Graham

The Bash bug is apparently not new, dating back almost 25 years. It is known to be aggressive in its mission of hacking into PCs or Mac computers through either the terminal application or the Command Prompt, and then controlling the operating system in order to get access to the any personal or confidential information.

Apparently in the OS X, there was a glitch that made it vulnerable to the Bash bug where the entire operating system would be able to be attacked and controlled from an outside force.

The system has now been fixed and the operating system OS X Lion, Mountain Lion software, is not in danger of being taken over by hackers. According to Apple, “With OS X, systems are safe by default and not exposed to remote exploits of bash unless users configure advanced UNIX services.”

There was once another security flaw just like the Bash bug named Heartbleed. It did the same the that Bash does, which is take control of the entire operating system and leave the user vulnerable to their confidential information being hacked and/or stolen. Heartbleed was first heard of in April, and it affected close to 300,000 users, some of whom still have to deal with security issues two months after they were first hacked. The experts have stated that when comparing Heartbleed and Bash bugs, the Bash bug is even bigger because of the surprising ways it communicates with the operating system without being detected.

With this breach now fixed, Mac users can rest easy. Nonetheless, Apple has taken extra precautions. Mac users are now able to visit a website set up by Apple where they can get update to their computer for the Bash bug.