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Apple iRing – New patent for smart ring

Apple certainly leads innovation through the creation of smart devices, as has been recently seen through WatchOS 2.0. Now that the Apple Watch has reached a peak of development, their R&D team have their gaze focused upon an intelligent ring! Patents for the iRing reveal a smart ring that is capable of similar functionality and performance, to that of your iPhone! Whether we, the consumer, will see this unique device anytime soon is left to be seen, with many of Apple’s patents never reaching production. What have in the pipeline is however enough to peak interest, and leave many hoping for the arriving of the Apple iRing.

Details of the Patent Application

Apple’s Patent Application details a ring featuring a finger-mounted touch-screen, multiple processors, memory, built-in GPS microphone, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network devices and a biometrics sensor, all of which hold extensive capabilities. The patent highlights hand writing recognition, voice commands and even wireless charging. Wireless charging functionality looks to have interesting implementations planned as can be seen in Apple’s patent application:

“ In other embodiments, the wireless power source is incorporated or integrated into an object or item upon which the user would place his or her hands on, or hold, for performing some other task, such as the steering wheel of a car, a computer mouse, a glove… “

Apple Ring Patent
Apple Ring Patent

Many Time-Saving Benefits

Plans to provide remote control and access to the iRing via cell phone are also covered in the patent. It is clear that Apple looks to expand upon their Apple Pay platform as their patent also explains utilizing NFC chip-set capabilities. Mobile payments are not the only planned benefit provided by the iRing, NFC functionality may provide user recognition to home appliances such as fridges, seen in this patent. Detailed biometrics are also planned, giving this intelligent ring the capability to deport heart rate details and more! Apple’s future iRing is a well thought-out technology that will bring many advanced, productivity enhancing benefits. A ring (that you cannot lose thanks to it’s built-in GPS) that enhances daily life more than a smart phone? I want one!