Apple hints at October 21 as OS X (10.10) Yosemite release date

It’s never a surprise when Apple launches an upgrade to their operating system, or OS, as we all lovingly know it as. So, when Apple recently hinted that they would be releasing a new operating system called the OS X Yosemite on October 21, this was no surprise. It’s actually exciting news as Apple users are always looking forward to the next new upgrade.

On the day before this new OS upgrade has been scheduled, Apple will also reveal their third quarter earnings. This scheduled reveal of their earnings indicates that the since the new OS upgrade will be the following day, then it is more than likely the new operating system is not only a rumor, but also a definite fact that the Mac App Store will feature the new upgrade very soon after. Launching a new OS upgrade the day after sharing the company’s financial earnings is something Apple has done before. They did it in the years 2011 and 2012 when they released the OS X Lion and Mountain Lion upgrade.

They didn’t, however, announce their operating system release date alongside their earnings showing when they released the OS X Maverick in 2013. Instead, Apple’s announcement of its third quarter call was done on the sixth day after the OS 10.9 version debuted.

Screenshot of OS X Yosemite Beta

Apple gave another significant clue that it would be releasing this new OS X Yosemite when they released the “Golden Master” GM) of OS X 10.10.” A golden master is like a copy, preparing for the arrival of the real thing. So, the anticipation of this new operating system is brewing and it seems that Apple will not disappoint.

OS X Yosemite is said to have a large array of new features for Mac users. Reports have indicated that one of its new features will be the use of “Continuity, which is an umbrella term for handing off tasks begun on an iPhone or iPad to a Mac — and struts a refreshed visual look reminiscent of last year’s iOS 7 with a “flatter,” more minimalist feel.” This new upgrade will not have to be purchased, but will be free for those with a Mac computer or laptop dating from 2007 and up. It will also be available for free to the Mac Mini desktops dating from early 2009 and onward. These systems are the ones that are capable of running the operating system on their hard drive.

Those in business and on Wall Street are eagerly waiting to hear the quarterly sales numbers for Apple on October 20, especially the sales of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. These sales numbers will most likely determine how quickly Apple users will jump at the opportunity to upgrade to the new OS. Apple will provide a live feed on their website for fans to see the detailed information in real time.